"Given that Making Fun, Inc. is a start-up, the Marketing Manager position requires a strong, broad-reaching understanding of marketing principles, a whatever-it-takes attitude, and the willingness to test and learn by experimenting with new marketing tactics. Tomasz has continuously exceeded all expectations, as he has developed and executed both online and offline marketing strategies to launch 9 new games, acquire millions of customers, and successfully retain them. In addition, Tomasz has the added strength of having an eye for design and creative concepts, which allows him to successfully manage external designers and creative agencies, but also perform a good percentage of the design work by himself. But his greatest strength might be his amazing personal integrity that drives him to produce only the best work, and he does it all with a great attitude and a smile."
Don Takemura - VP Marketing, Making Fun, Inc.
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"Since Tomasz jumped on board, the outcome from his campaigns and promotions increased sales significantly compared to what we had last year. Aside from his expertise in marketing, we love how he can jump hoops to put on the shoes of a designer, web developer…and a comedian!"
Annelaine Clauss - Director of Human Resources, Blazing Saddles

"Tomasz did some great design work for us and always hit his deadlines, did outstanding work, and made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. He's got a great attitude, and he isn't afraid to try out new things or take direction from us about areas to touch up or change. I'd definitely work with Tomasz again."
Dave Sifry - Founder and CEO, Offbeat Guides and Technorati
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"Tomasz's knowledge in Marketing and Social Networking is first rate. He does his homework and stays on-top of the ever changing marketing trends. He is very knowledgeable and thinks out of the box which makes him a great asset to any team."
Nicholas Nelson - Creative Director, Nicholas Nelson Studios

"Tomasz was dedicated to the clients and had great willingness to go above and beyond to meet their needs. He is naturally skilled at remaining calm under pressure while meeting deadlines and took initiative to stay one-step-ahead in terms of his skills. Also, he is a genuinely nice person and fun to work with."
Alison McCreery - former Senior Marketing Manager, Future US
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